We are working on the world’s stage, where there is a plethora of cultures and values. If a country changes, so too does its cultural values.

Our community is based within this idea of love for all mankind. If a nation changes, lifestyles and customs change, but thoughts and feelings of love on Earth do not change across borders.

New inventions are in abundance around all individuals.

Why do you think Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb? We believe it was because he wanted to see the smiling faces of those he loved right before his eyes, even in the darkness of night.

Why did Nils Bohlin, a former Volvo engineer, invent a seatbelt that is still used today? We think it was without doubt because he wanted to protect the precious people riding in his passenger’s seat.

Why is it that you can take a photo using mobile devices? Our thought process was this. When you see a beautiful landscape, you want to share it with those who are important to you, even if they’re far away.

It all begins with love for one another. WaterFront builds on the desire to make the people we treasure happy, we aim to build a new service that is currently unavailable, overcoming the obstacles of national borders and language barriers, to send out love to the people of the world.

At WaterFront,
these are our intentions.


01.05.2023 -
Brisbane Australia Office Opened.

15.04.2020 -
Cebu Philippines Office Opened.

20.11.2016 -
Waterfront main operation moved back to HongKong from Sydney.

10.11.2016 -
Press Release: International influencers marketing service Jigsaw has launched.

01.06.2016 -
Australia Sydney Office Opened.